Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FUN with Boogie Boards!

Have you seen or heard of these??
They are called Boogie Boards eWriters and they are FAB!!!!  I got a couple to try out in my classroom.  If dreams come true, I would have an entire classroom set:)  They are that great!
They are a great size and the kids just LOVE using them.
The kids have been taking turns using them during our Morning Math Meeting.  You can fit a TON of things on them:)
I have also let them use them during our math workshop, instead of their dry erase boards.
So fun!  I am for sure going to try to get at least a small group set to use during math:) 
Another way I have had the kids use them is just plain old practicing their multiplication facts.  Makes a "boring" task so much more fun.  Each morning my peeps wait anxiously to see who gets to use the Boogie Boards for the day:)
If you want to read more about Boogie Boards, you can just click here:)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Five - FCAT...Survived!!

FCAT (our state testing for 4th graders) is done!!!!  I felt like a truck had run through me on the last day!!!  So much worryin for my littles and prayin....exhausted!!! 
So I am poppin in on my 3 day weekend to link up with Doodle Bug's because it has been a while!

So here are 5 from my week....random and not:)
After our last test, the kids started an Earth day project.  These are coffee filters.  LOVE to spray those with water!!!  So fun and they come out so neat!!!
I'm tying a little writing project to this....just haven't gotten the template made yet:)
One morning I walked into my classroom and one of my sweeties had left this
This brought me to tears......don't know if you can read it.....she wrote
"a teacher so brave, she actually cared"
So sweet!!
Finished this read aloud this week!
HILARIOUS!!!!!  LOVED this book!!!!
The kids finished up their symmetry name/bugs this week.  I'll blog more about that next week.  I have tons of pics to share.
Just and FYI....the names are symmetrical....not the

So excited my baby and her baby came home for Easter!!!!
I hope you all have a blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Make Over Reveal!!!

HEY, HEY everyone!!!!
I am so totally jazzed right now!  I got a new blog design and I am just SO excited about it!!!!  The wonderful Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs did it and I can't even tell you how much I LOVE it!!!!! 
A Bird in Hand Designs
Pop over and check out her cuteness!!!
I'm off for day 3 of FCAT......we are almost done!  Have a great day all!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Stay tuned......
there's a BIG change a coming!!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Duct Tape in the Classroom - Bright Ideas Linky

Hello everyone!
Time for the fun Bright Ideas Linky!
Are you ready?!  Grab a notepad to jot down some great ideas.
Today I thought I would share some of the ways I have used duct tape in my classroom.  Duct tape is awesome and comes in so many fun, wonderful colors you just feel like ya have to find something to do with it:)
One fun thing I did with duct tape was to cover some ugly clipboards.
Another thing I did with duct tape was to make some folder holders for some of my centers.
Just tape up the sides and you're set.  Fun and cheap:)
One more thing I did with duct tape was to make a duct tape quilt to display student work.  This was time consuming but really worth it.
These are large Ziploc baggies.  It takes up quite a bit of space.  The baggies stay open (on the back) so you just drop in the student work.  Super easy to change out.
I love cute things.  I love to have cute folders but it seems like the cute ones are so much more money for just a few.

There ya have it!  I hope you got a few ideas you can use in your classroom:0)  I would love to hear other great ideas for duct tape.  I know there are a million!
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Made It - April Edition

April is here!!!  It's Monday Made It time!!!
I only have one made it for you this month:/  I have been stressing/prepping for our state tests which are next week.  AND we pick ups my daughter's graduation present....
This is Callie!  She's a sweetie but boy does she keep ya busy!
So here's my Monday Made It.  I got/stole the adorable idea from Courtney at Ramona Recommends.  Her blog is adorable.  You must check it out.  She put this idea on instagram.  She called hers a Sunshine Bag...I'm calling mine Bag of Sunshine:)
I made one of these bag for each of my wonderful team members.  We have been working our tails off to prep for the state tests on top of a million other busy things we have to do.  I am hoping these bags bring a little sunshine to their day/week:)

Each bag has some orange and yellow sunshiny goodness.  I LOVE the chevron cup.  It is huge (you can't tell it from the pic)  I am going to have to go back and get one for me!!!!  They are from Hobby Lobby.  Also included are:
- pencils
- highlighter
- Juicy Fruit
- Lemon Heads
- Ducky
- A Pinwheel
- Post Its
- Tic Tacs
- Flower pot pen
So that's my Monday Made It....hopefully I'll be a little more productive next month:)
Link up and grab my button:)  This linky is open all month so you can link up anytime and more than once if you would like.
Don't forget to linkup your made its on instagram too:)  #mondaymadeit

Monday, March 31, 2014

Math Gallery Walk, Math B. Bd., Book Raffles, Oh My

We were hopping today!  NEVER enough time in a day to get it all done:/  So much to do and so little time!!!  Today we tried something new.....we started a Math Gallery Walk:)
So FUN!  Don't know where I have been that I hadn't seen this until now:/  I have seen it on a few blogs and websites so I decided to try it today.
I made 6 different "posters" with a variety of different skills on them and hung them around the room.  Talk about getting their interest when they walked in:)  (I had pics of all my posters and then got home to look at them and they are all blurry:/  I stink at photos!!)
Then I divided the kids into 6 teams (6 posters)  They went around each station and solved each of the problems on their papers.  I forgot to take a pic of that:/
They LOVED this and it was awesome to see the buddy work/team teaching going on:)

We did have time for each team to go to each station.  We did not have time to present.  Tomorrow each team will solve and present on one poster.
This is also a great review for the big test coming down the pipe in 2 weeks.
I also wanted to show you one of my fave b. boards each year!
It's not done yet....
Each kiddo got a large index card and divided it into 4 squares.  The first box just has their first initial.  The second has a slide, the bottom left a reflection, and the bottom right a 90 degree rotation.
I'll try to remember to get more pics.  They are turning out awesome and they are learning while having fun!  Go
We also squeezed in a new book raffle.  The kids get so excited when they walk in the door and see it set up!!  If you want to read more about it you can click here:)
That's a few of the highlights of my day!  Hope you all had a great Monday:)